Buddies Thicker Than Water

Buddies Thicker Than Water

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November 1, 1962
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Buddies Thicker Than Water is a 1962 short film, originally released as part of the Tom and Jerry series on November 1. It was the 12th and penultimate cartoon in the series to be directed by Prague-based animator Gene Deitch in then-Communist Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and produced by William L. Snyder. The name is a pun on the phrase "Blood is thicker than water". Although the Gene Deitch shorts were poorly received, this particular short is considered one of the more well-received, as it was chosen for a volume of the Bumper Collection VHS series.


On a snowy night in New York City, Jerry is comfortably asleep in his hole inside a penthouse, while Tom tries to keep from freezing to death below in the alley, having been thrown out by the owner. He writes a note, slips it into a bottle, and throws it up to hit the penthouse window. Jerry, awakened by the noise, goes out to the balcony and finds both this note and a second one sent up by Tom:

"Help! I'm freezing. Your old pal, Tom. P.S. I'm also starving. Tom."

Rushing to the alley, Jerry finds the frozen-solid Tom and drags him back upstairs on a trash can lid. He then sets Tom inside the hot-air vent, thaws him out with an electric blanket. Tom thanks Jerry by kissing him on the cheek. Jerry then provides him with an "Instant Gourmet" dehydrated meal.

Tom and Jerry lounge about the penthouse, listening to music and drinking everything in the owner's liquor cabinet. Her return startles the inebriated pair, and Jerry dives into his hole as she grabs Tom and prepares to throw him out again. Tom grabs Jerry and shows him to the owner, throwing her into a panic until he pitches the mouse off the balcony, betraying him. While Tom enjoys the owner's favor, Jerry angrily digs himself out of the snow and sneaks back in, using some of the owner's face powder to disguise himself as a ghost.

When Jerry puts an album of spooky music on the stereo and switches off the lights, Tom believes that the mouse's ghost has come to haunt him. He flees through the penthouse and out onto the balcony's edge, where the snow washes off part of Jerry's makeup and exposes the ruse. Tom prepares to strike back, but before he can do so, the snowdrift under his feet gives way and he falls down to the alley. He quickly writes a new note and throws it up to Jerry;:

"Help! It's freezing down here! Your Old Pal, Tom."

Jerry responds by throwing a pair of ice skates and a hockey stick down to him, then goes back to his hole.


  • In the Arabic world, the children's channel Spacetoon had the scene of Tom and Jerry drinking censored out.
  • A Woman is removed in Welsh Dub

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