Bridge (Tom and Jerry The Movie)

The Bridge

The Bridge is a minor location in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie

The Bridge first appears when Tom and Jerry meet Robyn Starling after meeting Puggsy and Frankie DaFlea and dealing a group of Alley Cats. Tom and Jerry introduces themselves to Robyn and she give them some cookies and apples. While staying under the bridge Robyn explains to them that she is now an orphan and her mother died when she was a baby, while her father was on an expedition and ran away from Aunt Figg after she threw her locket out of the window. But an officer who was being sent to find Robyn by Aunt Figg finds them and brings them to her.

The bridge is last seen after Tom and Jerry escaped from Dr. Applecheek and the straycatchers and return to Robyn and informed her that her father is still alive and they escaped into the bridge and hide under it. Robyn notices something nearby and Tom shrugs it off telling her it is just an old crate. Jerry corrects him and it turned out was only a raft. Before they get boarded, FIgg and Lickboot arrive having noticed them escaped earlier thanks to Tom. Figg tries to called her, but they already boarded the raft and Ferdinand who tagged with Figg and Lickboot tries to informed her that Robyn is on the raft with Tom and Jerry escaping, but she kicks him off the bridge into the river telling him to shut up and he yells out that Robyn is on the raft and sinks into the water.

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