Barbeque Bust-Up title

"Barbeque Bust-Up" is a episode of Tom & Jerry Kids written by Patrick A. Ventura.



The episode begins with Spike and Tyke preparing a barbeque. Spike then brings some fireworks that he saved from the fourth of July and Tyke was very happy. Spike then tells him that they need to look out for Tyrone the Tiny. Because everytime that they set up a barbeque, he shows up to steal some and he have a radar or something. Meanwhile at the Auto parts yard, Tyrone was in the monitor and sees Spike with a barbeque steak preparing that he forget to send someone an invitation and goes to Spike's house. Spike is putting salt and pepper on the steak, Tyrone arrives telling him to prepare the steak and sits on the table. Spike then tells him that it is a private cook out for himself and his son and no cats allowed and stomps on the chair sending Tyrone into the air and lands on the table. Tyrone asked that's the way how he treated dinner guest and Spike replies that only uninvited guest and turns him into a paper airplane throwing him out. Tyke then tells Spike that Tyrone is right and only hungry and asked him if they could share him some, but Spike tells him that dogs don't eat with cats and ready to cook the steak. Tyrone suddenly appears in front of the cooking grill who then puts charcoals on the grill and pours many gas on it. Spike then yells not lit it, but Tyrone lits it and explodes blackening himself and Spike. Tyrone tells him that he puts too many gas and Spike grabs him and arrows him out telling him that cats are not welcome at this barbeque.

Tyrone climbs on a tree, with a rope and grabs the steak from Spike, but Spike gets the steak back and cuts the rope that Tyrone is holding with a scissor and he lands on the hammock. Tyrone lamets that this could ruin a guy's appetite and walks away.

Tyrone then disguise as a local meat inspector and snatches the steak from them and attempts to leave. But Spike who is now standing by the gate, smells him that he is Tyrone, grabs the steak back and hits him with a mallet and a beaten Tyrone retreats.

Tyrone then uses a motorcycle and drives right through the gate, bumping into Spike. Then they drive through the house and crashed into the road. Spike angrily tells him that he may missed the dinner, but he gonna love the party favors. Tyrone tries to flee, but Spike grabs him, then shove him on the motorcycle gas pipe and blows him into a fire hydrant.

Spike then puts the steak on the grill, telling his son that the fire would be better for their steak. Tyrone is in the roof sitting in a rocket and lits it, but he fells off the rocket as it launches hitting the basket full of fireworks and hits on the grill and it explode sending rockets everywhere and Tyrone gets hit by one of them and hides on the chimmey and the steak is ruined in the process. Tyke then laments over the ruin of their steak, Tyrone then asks them that it is the only steak and Tyke angrily replies that it is his fault for ruining it. Tyrone then asked that it is his fault and he has an idea. He brings Spike and Tyke to his house in the Auto parts yard and Tyrone's mother apologizes to Spike and Tyke for his son's actions and gives them some barbeque steak as an apology. Tyrone thanks his mom for letting Spike and Tyke to their house and she tells him that his friends are always welcome to share supper and gives him a face lift. Tyke tells him that Tyrone's mother gives them some steak and he replies that he got it and ain't bad that's the right thing to do. Tyke tells him that he should not talk while mouthfull and which he did and asked for some gravy, then faces at the camera and breaks the fourth wall saying "Oh well, he ain't not be much of any a kid. But he's just best dad in the whole world!".


  • This episode is similar to the original Tom and Jerry short, Barbecue Brawl


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