Tom and Jerry The Lost Dragon - Animals and Athena singing

A Place For Me is a song, sung by Athena in Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon.


There`s a place for everyone
For creatures big and small
l`ve made a place for everyone
As best l could in all
My life is like one big menagerie
But will l ever find a place for me?

l help those who can`t themselves
And make them all feel good
But where`s the cure for always being
So misunderstood?

Don`t get me wrong
You`re all fine company
But still l need to find a place for me
Sometimes l feel as bad as you
A self-defeated elf
But maybe l can find the truth
Deep within myself
And maybe everyone will then agree
That l found a place
A warm and cozy space
When l have found my place
Yes, l will find a place

That`s meant for me
Huh Heh

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